AARP Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

Seniors who are already signed up for Medicare and its Original insurance plan may not be as covered as they would like to be for medical expenses. They may need more coverage because they are paying a lot out of pocket. We suggest that any seniors who need additional coverage look into AARP Medicare Advantage plans for 2019.

These are very robust plans that cover a lot of medical expenses, and they are backed by AARP’s excellent reputation and wide range of member services that makes them a coveted choice for many seniors looking for an insurance provider.

About AARP Medicare Advantage                                         

For decades, AARP has been offering its services to retirees and seniors all across the United States. They provide financial advice, healthy living services, assisted care and insurance in all forms. Their expertise in dealing with seniors and meeting their needs makes them a good option for people who are signed up for a Medicare plan.

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They may not be offering anything unique in regard to medical insurance, as they are competing with lots of other insurance companies who are held to the same restraints as Medicare has created for them. They can’t just design their own Medicare Advantage plans from the ground up, but they can make some changes here and there where they see fit, and they can set their own rates for these plans.

aarp medicare advantage 2019AARP also backs up every service it offers with customer care that is well regarded within the industry as well as access to a number of member services. These are exclusive services that are offered to seniors, and while they may not all hold value or relevance to every Medicare subscriber, many of them make it worth choosing AARP over other options. There are lots of benefits to being an AARP member, as those who already have insurance with them can attest.



Medicare Advantage Plans



What Is Medicare Advantage?

If you were to sign up for Medicare Advantage, you would be getting a replacement for Original Medicare. It includes all of original Medicare- parts A and B of Medicare. It also includes further coverage, such as for emergency services and for urgently needed care and all that entails. That’s some powerful coverage, but many Advantage plans don’t stop there.

That is simply the basic and standard coverage that Medicare requires every insurance company that sells Advantage plans to offer with this plan. On top of that, companies like AARP may decide to add in Medicare Part D coverage, which would include coverage for most people’s prescription drug costs, but how much it covers for you will vary based on what your needs are and what the plan covers. AARP’s Part D plan may be different from other providers, so you want to be careful that you choose a Part D plan that is relevant to you, if you even do need that kind of coverage.

On top of that, Advantage plans can also take care of your checkup costs. These are checkups you may need all year long, for things like your general wellness, for vision and for hearing. Then the plan can cover you for the hearing aid, prescription eyeglasses and other apparatus that the doctor may prescribe after your checkup.

aarp medicare advantage plans 2019A powerful plan like this is going to overlap with other medical insurance plans in some ways, and it certainly does. When the Advantage plan overlaps, that means that you can’t sign up for both plans at the same time. For example, many Advantage plans include Part D coverage, as we mentioned. Well, if you have Part D already or you are planning to buy it, then you have to cancel it, since they overlap. You can’t be signed up for two plans that have some of the same coverage, even if it is only one small item of coverage.

That means that Advantage plans won’t be compatible with Medicare Supplements either, and they may not be compatible with any union or employer medical coverage plans that you are signed up for either. You may have to choose between one or the other, and you need to know how the plans will overlap before you agree to a term for the plan.

You may not be able to sign up for any AARP Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 if you already have some other medical coverage plans, so be aware of them before you commit to a new coverage plan. Medicare is very strict about not allowing any overlap between plans.

AARP Medicare Complete 

Medicare’s Original plan is fairly simple to sign up for. You just wait until you are 65 and then you can apply. You’ll generally be approved for the plan once you apply. There are not a lot of complicated requirements to meet.

It’s similar for Medicare Advantage. You have to be 65, and you can apply anytime thereafter. There are some exceptions made for people who are younger than 65, if they meet certain medical requirements. You can talk to your doctor or insurance agent about whether you qualify based on your medical status.

aarp Medicare Advantage 2019


Once you do qualify, though, you can simply apply with AARP or any other insurance provider that you are interested in signing up with. You should only try to sign up during the enrollment period, which runs from October 15th until the 7th of December. In that period, you can apply for any Advantage plan from any provider, so make sure that you compare them to get the best price and best coverage possible.

If you want to change plans later, then you can do so, but you have to wait until your current plans’ term has ended for the new plan to go into effect. If you don’t like the plan you sign up for, then you can disenroll anywhere from January 1st to February 14th. These dates are subject to change if Medicare decides they should, so check the dates before you start applying, just to be sure.

Do You Need Advantage Coverage?

Just because you need more coverage than what the basic Medicare plan provides, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be something as robust as a Medicare Advantage plan. You may be better off with a Supplement plan. This can cover some of the same expenses, but it tends to be much cheaper. You can also sign up for Part D of Medicare all on its own, if that’s really all the additional coverage you need. You do have some options, so look into those before you jump into an Advantage plan.

These plans cover a lot of expenses and can be quite costly, so you want to ensure that you actually need all the coverage they are offering before you sign up. Once you sign up, you are obligated to make the monthly payments until the term has expired, which is usually at the end of the year.

You will need to look at your own expenses and your budget to determine if an Advantage plan is right for you. Even if you could use all the coverage this kind of plan offers, you might not be able to afford it very easily, and you may need to settle for something with less coverage and a lower price tag. Take the time to consider all your options and choose the one that best suits you before you sign up for any coverage plan.

One of the AARP Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 could be the right choice for you, but we urge you to spend time examining your own needs and financial obligations as well as looking at what other options there are to AARP’s offerings. You can choose a plan that saves you money and covers you very well, but you have to put in the effort to find it.

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