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For some of the best medical coverage you can find, you should look into AARP Medicare Complete. This is a Medicare Advantage plan that comes with some extras that many Medicare Advantage plans don’t offer. We are going to look at what this plan can do for you, why you may want to sign up for it and what it takes to become eligible for it.

What is AARP Medicare complete 2019 by United Healthcare?

If you were to sign up for this plan, then you would be covered for a host of medical expenses. These are costs the you may have trouble paying, but that this robust coverage plan would take care of for you. In many cases, they are common expenses that seniors face. Let’s look at some of them so you get an idea of what Medicare Complete can do.

First of all, the entirety of Original Medicare is covered, as is required for a Medicare Advantage plan. That means that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B are both taken care of for you. If you have an Original Medicare plan already, which includes both of those parts, then it will essentially be replaced.


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Medicare Complete would also provide you with coverage for Medicare Part D, which takes care of many prescription drug costs. How much that coverage applies to you will depend on what your needs are and which version of Medicare Complete you go with. You have a few different choices from AARP for Medicare Complete plans, so you should be able to find one that suits you well.

These plans can also cover you for additional expenses, but what those will be depends on which version of the plan you pick. You want to take your time and ensure that you pick one that is right for you.

On top of all the coverage that Medicare Complete provides, there is also a set of member benefits you can enjoy by being a part of AARP’s network. You can have access to medical professionals, expert advice and various other services that can benefit you. AARP tends to offer a lot of great member benefits, making them the prime choice for many seniors, but the price you pay for their coverage tends to be higher than the average, since they are such a prestigious company with fully featured services.

AARP Medicare Complete Providers 

Do you need Medicare Complete? That’s something that only you can really answer. You will have to examine your medical needs and financial status carefully to make that determination. Look at how much you are paying for medical care and what you can afford to pay for insurance coverage. Then look at what AARP is offering with its Medicare Complete plans. You may find one of them that fits your budget and covers you the way you need to be covered. Because they offer multiple plans to pick from, you should be able to find a suitable one for you.


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Please keep in mind that your needs are going to change in time. As your finances change or your health changes, your coverage plan may not work as well for you and you may have to update it with a new plan. The plans themselves can change as well, and you’ll want to stay up on what coverage is being offered and how your current plan is going to be different by the end of the plan’s term. You may need to change up your coverage once that happens.

You can be covered by AARP Medicare Complete in a way that makes your healthcare affordable and gives you peace of mind. It’s not going to happen by accident, though. You need to make a concerted effort to pick the best plan for your situation. Please consider the possibility that there is no perfect plan for you and that you need to find a different plan than Medicare Complete in some cases. There are lots of other choices to pick from, so don’t feel pigeonholed just because Medicare Complete is so popular and well spoken of. Even with AARP, there are other options that may be advantageous to you.

How to Enroll in AARP Medicare Complete in 2019

aarp medicare complete 2019You can enroll in AARP Medicare Complete by United Healthcare by simply entering your Zip Code Below. That will help you get the process started fast!

You can count on certain aspects of the coevrage to never change, but the pricing is up to AARP. It’s worth looking at other options from other providers to see how AARP’s plans stack up. You may find similar coverage at a better price elsewhere, or you may find that AARP offers enough to make their plans the most desirable.


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In order to qualify for any Medicare Advantage plan, including Medicare Complete, you have to be at least 65 years old. You can then start looking for an AARP Medicare complete provider in your area. You also have to be careful about the kind of coverage you already have. If there is any overlap between your current plan and Medicare Complete, you won’t be able to get coverage from Medicare Complete. Medicare will make you drop one of your plans if there is any overlap.

This means that if you already have Medicare Part D, you would have to drop the plan in order to sign up for AARP Medicare Complete in 2019. You would also have to drop any Medicare Supplement plans (like Medigap) if you want to sign up for Medicare Complete. They overlap in some small ways. Many union insurance plans and employer medical coverage pans are incompatible with AARP Medicare Complete in 2019 as well.

Be careful about what you are trying to sign up for if you already have some medical coverage. It’s possible that AARP Medicare Complete won’t be compatible with it, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you only sign up for plans that you are eligible for. In many cases, you will not be able to sign up for plans that are incompatible with your current coverage or that you do not meet the eligibility requirements for.


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