Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

Medicare Advantage coverage provides insurance for many medical expenses that are not covered by other plans. This is one of the most comprehensive medical insurance plans available, and we are going to look specifically at Aetna Medicare Advantage in 2019 and what they are offering.

Every senior should consider Medicare Advantage once they become eligible for this kind of plan, which would be once they hit age 65. They may not all need a plan that is so comprehensive, but it has the potential to save lots of people lots of money, so it so definitely worth checking out.

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How to Enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

Aetna Medicare Advantage 2019Those wanting to sign up for one of these plans (of which there are a number of different ones) should first apply at the insurance company of their choice. So, if you are interested in Aetna’s version of the plans, then you just go to their website and submit an application form. This does not obligate you to start making payments on the plan or to adhere to a contract. You are only under any obligation toward the company once you have been approved for the plane and you accept their terms and contract.

The contract is usually for a year, in which time you may sign up for another plan, but the new plan won’t take effect until the old one has finished. You can change the plan in the first month and a half that you are signed up with it.


Medicare Advantage Plans



You won’t be able to apply anytime you wish, though. Enrollment starts on October 15th and runs all the way through December 7th. If you are applying for 2019 plans, then you can apply from October of this year. The plan will take effect on the first day of 2019. You always have to apply for the plan the year before it is going take effect, so keep that in mind if you are the kind of person who waits until the last minute to do things. If you apply too late, you will not be accepted for the plan you want.

What Medicare Advantage Does

Aetna Medicare Advantage 2019Once you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you can be covered for a number of different medical expenses. The most commonly covered ones are Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, emergency medical care and urgently needed medical care. All that is part of the basic Medicare Advantage coverage, but most plans come with far more coverage.

The additional coverage could include Medicare Part D (prescription drug cover) and cover for checkups and prescription items, such as eyeglasses, hearing aids and similar items.

Which additional coverage items are included are up to the individual insurance companies. Not all of them will include what we have listed here. Some will stick with only the basic coverage and nothing else, but you can still purchase some of that additional coverage in its own, such as Medicare Part D, if you like.

Medicare Advantage can overlap with some other medical insurance plans, and you need to be aware of that. If you have a Medicare Supplement, a Medicare Part D plan or most employer or union medical insurance plans, then there is a good chance that the Advantage plan will overlap. That means that you can’t be signed up for both plans and you will have to choose one or the other. Pick carefully to ensure that you don’t pay more than you need to for coverage and that you are covered adequately for your medical expenses.

Not all Medicare advantage plans are the same, nor do they all cost the same. As there is not standard coverage beyond the basic coverage we talked about and no standard pricing at all, you can find a lot of differences between various Medicare Advantage plans. Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 may or may not be the kind of coverage plans you are looking for, so if they are not, then you can always look at the competition and see what else is on offer.

How Advantage Plans Change

There is a lot of freedom given to medical insurance companies like Aetna when it comes to Medicare Advantage in 2019. They can set prices and decide how much additional coverage the plan should come with. They can also change these aspects of the plan when they wish. Now, once you sign up with them and agree to a contract on a plan, you are locked into that contract and its terms. You don’t have to worry about the prices or coverage changing while you are in the contract, which is usually for a year. However, once the contract expires, then the insurance company has the option to raise prices and change coverage as they see fit. The rates and coverage may have changed while you were locked into the contracts, and those changes can go into effect if you renew your contract or sign up for a different plan with the same company.

Aetna Medicare Advantage 2019


You can choose a different plan, if you wish, but you need to apply during the enrollment period and understand when that new plan is going to go into effect. It’s up to you to keep track of changes to the prices and coverage, and you can use price comparison services to track some of that. These are free sites online that let you compare multiple rates from multiple companies all at once, and they are a good way to find lower prices when you initially check for the proper plan for you.

The plans are going to change over time, so make sure that you don’t just stick with the same plan for too long and end up losing out on better coverage or better rates. Take the time to look around at your options and see what better deals are available to you. You should also be consulting with your doctor and your insurance agent to see how your health and insurance needs are changing over time. That way, you can better prepare for the right kind of coverage to sign up for when your own needs change.

About Aetna

Why have we singled out Aetna from the insurance companies that are available? You do have more choices than just this company, but we think Aetna is worth discussing and worth looking at as a viable choice for your insurance provider. They offer a number of different medical insurance plans and not just Medicare Advantage. You can get multiple plans through them and possibly save some money on your insurance that way. They may not have the best prices, and it is up to you to compare their rates to other companies to find the best deal for yourself.


Medicare Advantage Plans



However, you need to take into consideration that other companies may not be offering the kind of coverage you need. Or they may not offer the kind of member services and member benefits that Aetna does. This is one of the larger companies offering Medicare Advantage plans, so they typically provide some great member benefits that you should look into and consider taking advantage of. Services such as professional medical advice, links to doctors and other health professionals who can help you with common problems and who can set up a healthy living plan for you and much more are all things you can enjoy by signing up with Aetna.

It is worth your time to look at Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 and see what is being offered. You may choose someone else in the end for your Medicare advantage coverage or decide that you don’t need Advantage coverage at all, but you should at least be aware of your options and how Aetna fits into your available choices.

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