Best Medicare Advantage Plans in California 2019

The benefit of choosing an Advantage plan over many other types of medical insurance plans is that Advantage plans often come with zero monthly premium. Because that kind of insurance plans has so much potential to save seniors money, we are going to cover some specifics about the best Medicare Advantage plans for California for 2019.

These are plans that are only available to seniors. And those that have turned 65 or are about to turn 65 are typically eligible for these plans. They replace your existing basic Medicare plan, if you have that coverage plan. They are sold through private insurers, and that gives you lots of options as far as coverage and pricing goes. You have freedom to choose a plan that suits you well.

We mentioned that Advantage plans often have no monthly premium, but there is a tradeoff for that benefit. You typically have large out of pocket maximums each year, which can reach several thousand dollars. How much those costs are will depend on the kind of Advantage plan you choose and the insurance provider you pick to purchase the plan from.

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Advantage plans cover numerous outpatient and inpatient costs, including doctor’s office visits, hospital stays, blood use, laboratory testing, medications and more. These are all covered by every basic Advantage plan, but many of them offer so much more than that.

A given Advantage plan may cover you for checkups, such as for your hearing or for your vision, as well as for prescription items related to those checkups. That can include eyeglasses and hearing aids.

In a lot of cases, Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Medicare Part C) can cover a part of mediocre known as Part D. This includes a lot of prescription drug expenses, and how relevant this coverage is to you will depend not only on your prescription drug needs but also on which Part D plan you get. Each insurance company has their own versions of Part D, so you will want to compare them carefully to ensure you are getting a relevant plan.

Medicare Advantage in California

You can choose from one of dozens of different medical insurance providers in California to buy your Advantage plan from. Each of them usually offers a few different plans, and one way to tell if a specific plan is better than another is to check their Medicare star rating. This rating system is run by Medicare and evaluates the insurance provider and their plans based on a few different factors- the value they offer to the customer, the price of the plan, the range of the network and more. The best of these plans would be ones that are rated as five stars, but that is fairly rare to find. Even a four-star plan is considered very good, though, and it is a good indicator of how worthwhile the coverage plan is.

For the best Medicare Advantage plans in California for 2019, you should consider the star rating. You also need to individually compare prices, which you can do on our website. This is a free service that we offer that lets you see the rates for a few different plans all at once. There is no easier way to compare prices and find a good deal.

Medicare Advantage Plans


National insurance providers like Humana, Aetna, AARP and CIGNA operate in California, and most of them have some highly rated plans. You can also find smaller, locally owned providers, such as Imperial Heath Plan of California and Fresenius Heath Plans. The smaller companies tend to have smaller networks, which tells you which medical facilities and pharmacies will accept their plans.

Coverage on the Network

It’s important to talk about insurance providers’ network when we are discussing Medicare Advantage. This plays a large role in determining how well a plan will cover you and if you need to find another insurance provider or not depending on your location.

Every insurance company has their own network, and that network can change every so often as more medical facilities are added to or removed from the network. If you go to a medical facility on your insurance company’s network, then you are fully covered no matter what kind of plan you bought from them. However, if you go off the network for whatever reason and receive medical care, then your coverage may not be there. You can opt for a PPO plan, which will cover you off the network, but you will pay more for this than for other options. This is something you might want to consider if you like a certain insurance company’s plans but there is no medical facility on their network around you.

More commonly, people choose HMOs, which are relatively cheap coverage options but only cover people on the network. Go outside the network for medical care with one of these and you receive no coverage whatsoever, unless you were taken there for emergency treatment.

It is important to consider the network before you sign up for any coverage plan. The coverage is really only as good as the network, and it doesn’t make sense to buy a discounted Advantage plan when there is no medical facility near you that will accept it. Keep that in mind as you are searching for the best coverage plan for your needs.

There are additional network types available in some instances, but those are not as widely available as HMOs and PPOs. You’ll have to look up individual options with each insurance company, and you can see what they are offering and how much they are charging by using our website and the search tool we have provided here.

It is recommended that you take your time in choosing an Advantage plan. The best Medicare Advantage plans in California for 2019 can potentially save you a lot on medical care over the coming year, but you have to consider your choices and compare them to what your needs are in order to find the right one.


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