Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

Advantage plans offer powerful insurance coverage that is ideal for seniors who need more cover for medical expenses than what they get with the basic Medicare plan. Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 are among the most popular Advantage offerings in the state, and it is worth looking at what they can do for you and how they might be a good fit for you.

What Medicare Advantage Provides

Advantage plans are different from other medical insurance plans in that they don’t supplement basic Medicare, but they actually replace that Medicare plan and add coverage on top of it. If you have basic Medicare already, then once you sign up for an Advantage plan, you will get covered for those same expenses through your new insurance provider. In this case, that would be Florida Blue.

In addition, you will receive coverage for checkups for your vision and your hearing, among others. You will also be covered for many prescription drug costs, in most cases. That’s because the majority of Advantage plans include Medicare Part D, which cover a lot of prescription drug costs. With all this coverage working together for you, there should be few medical expenses that you have to pay out of pocket.


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Advantage plans are only sold by private insurers like Florida Blue. Medicare will oversee these plans and ensure they abide by their coverage rules, but they won’t actually sell them. There are lots of insurance companies selling the same basic plans, with a few minor variations. So, it is in your best interests to compare their plans and their prices to see who is offering you the best deal. You can compare these factors using our website, and we offer a free search tool that lets you easily find what you are looking for. It’s the fastest and simplest way to find out what prices various insurance companies are charging for their plans, and it enables you to save a lot of money on your healthcare insurance.

What to Know about Florida Blue

Medicare advantage plans 2019Florida Blue is part of Florida Blue Cross, and it has a great reputation for affordable pricing and customer satisfaction. It is actually the oldest health insurance company in the state, so seniors depend on its for its stability.

Florida Blue offers a few different selections for seniors who want to sign up for one of its Advantage plans. They have both HMO and PPOs, which are by far the most popular choices, but they offer some other options as well.

HMOs are Advantage plans that provide you with full coverage while you receive medical care on Florida Blue’s network. Going off the network to a medical facility that does not accept Florida Blue’s plans gives you no coverage whatsoever.

PPO plans give you wider coverage, providing you with full coverage on the network and partial coverage off of it. These plans cost more because of how they cover you over a wider area.

There are other types of Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 to pick from. Lifetime HMO plans and Regional PPO plans give you some extra options, and you should look at all of your choices before you settle on a plan for yourself. You should be planning for your medical coverage far in advance so that when it comes time to sign up for a plan, you know exactly what you want and what will work best for you.



Medicare Advantage Plans


How to Get Florida Blue Advantage Coverage

Florida Blue plans are available in all of the major cities in Florida- Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Orlando and more. You will find their network reaches across most of the state, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a medical facility near you that accepts their plans, but you still want to check for network facilities in your area before you sign up with them. They operate in more than just the major cities, but those larger cities will be the ones where their network will tend to be the most extensive and where you can most benefit from a low cost plan like an HMO. In rural areas, where there is less network coverage, you may be smarter to go with a PPO plan.

You qualify for Advantage plans once you reach age 65, in most cases. At that point, you can choose from a range of different Medicare plans, including Supplement plans, Medicare Part D and basic Medicare. You may be limited as to how many of these you can sign up for at once. You cannot choose any overlapping plans. If you already have one of these plans and you want to sign up for an Advantage plan, then you may need to drop one of your current coverage plans.


medicare advantage plans 2019


If you have Part D coverage, for example, then you need to drop it before signing up for a Florida Blue Advantage plan that includes Part D as well.

If you cannot find a doctor or medical facility in your area that accepts Florida Blue plans, then you should consider signing up with a different insurance provider. There are a number of other ones that operate in Florida that can offer you very similar plans.

As you try to find the right coverage plan for your medical expenses, be sure you use our website to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. We can help you save money by showing you what different insurance companies are charging for these plans. You can look at Florida Blue’s prices and compare them to the competition to see how they stack up.

This is by far the easiest way to compare multiple plans, and we always give you the most current rates so that you can make an informed decision. One of the Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 may be the right choice for you, but make sure you know what your other options are first and how they will meet your needs before you make that decision.



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