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The fact is that the cost of medical care is slated for an increase next year. That also means that you might need to increase your Medicare coverage as well. It makes sense to get a more extensive coverage such as the Humana Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019.

What Do Advantage Plans Cover?

Humana Medicare advantage 2019To start with, Advantage plans take care of everything that the Original Medicare covers. That means that they take care of costs related to Part A and B. However, they also offer some extra coverage including handling the prescriptions drug costs under Part D and emergency medical care. The main advantage of going for ones of these policies is the fact that they roll up the different kinds of coverage under one plan.

Advantage plans also go the extra mile to cover what Medicare’s base plan does not, for instance, dental and vision care. Some might also cover the cost of annual checkups and hearing aids. In essence, they provide you more coverage than you could get from having the Original Medicare alone.


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2019 Medicare Advantage  РWhat changes

Like with every year, 2019 will see the Medicare Advantage plans go through some changes. Most of the changes affect Part D, which is the prescriptions drugs coverage.

Humana Medicare advantage 2019Previously, the norm has been for seniors to access prescriptions for Advantage plans from the insurer’s contracted physician. In 2019, Advantage beneficiaries can obtain them from non-network prescribers. The Medicare donut hole discounts go up to 75% in 2019. The pharmaceutical industry handles 70% of costs while Medicare covers 5%. That means that beneficiaries cover 95% of brand-name drug costs out-of-pocket which allows them to reach catastrophic coverage sooner.

CMS also published a preclusion list detailing providers they did not deem to operate with Medicare’s interest. This is a crucial list to go through because it guides you on which out-of-network providers to avoid.

Advantage beneficiaries eligible for extra help can only change Part D plans one time each quarter and for the first 9 months each year. Also, Medicare will put the Advantage dis-enrollment period to an end and have the open enrollment period run from 1st of January to the 31st of March. Advantage beneficiaries can at that point switch plans, exit plans, or choose one with a D plan, and also revert back to the Original Medicare.

The Best Medicare Advantage Plans in 2019

Medicare designs the Advantage plans, but they do not sell them directly. They license private companies to offer Advantage plans, and they also float them on differing network options. Typically, they provide the Advantage plans under HMO and PPO networks. These options allow you access to coverage from the healthcare facilities that are within the insurer’s network.

However, under a PPO plan, you can receive health care from institutions that are not within the insurer’s network but at a higher cost. The factor that guides most people when making a selection between the two is which one works with hospitals nearby. HMOs do help to save some money, but if all the on-network healthcare facilities are too far away, it becomes impractical.


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Medicare Advantage Plans 2019 Cost

These plans differ not only regarding their coverage and networks but also on cost. It all depends on the insurer you choose to buy a policy from and other factors such as your location. With health care coverage, it is best not to base your decision on lower costs but to instead focus on getting comprehensive coverage.

However, worth noting is that you receive the same level of coverage under the same plan across the board with very few differences. Either way, everyone has financial constraints and you want to make sure that you do not end up parting with more than you should.

Luckily, online comparison tools are available to help you compare and contrast the cost of Advantage plans offered by different companies. That also helps you figure out which insurer you would prefer to work with.


High Coverage Medicare Advantage Plans

These policies provide the most coverage including the A and B, checkups, and Medicare Part D. However, they do come with a hefty price as implied but it is a worthwhile investment for any senior who regularly needs these services. On the other hand, it is possible to find cost-effective versions of the high coverage Advantage plans.

Also worth noting is that while these plans might seem like they offer the best deal, there might be other Advantage plans that provide what you need precisely. It is never a “one-size fit all” affair with Medicare Advantage coverage and your needs should always guide the policy you choose to buy.

In fact, it is the high cost that is often off-putting for most seniors who decide that they can do without it. When comparing it from a needs basis, most realize that they stand to save more by taking up an Advantage plan.

Humana Medicare Advantage PPO For 2019

Humana has a long-standing history as one of the industry leaders when it comes to providing Medicare Advantage plans. Also, known as Medicare Part C, Humana serves as the second largest provider of these plans.

Under the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan, seniors receive Original Medicare and Part D coverage. Some of their Advantage policies also extend to hearing, dental, and vision coverage. It is also possible to get gym membership discounts and exercise programs coverage under their plans.

Some of Humana’s Advantage plans include an HMO or a PPO policy. As explained before, it comes down to specific needs to determine which route to go.

Also worth remembering is that the best plan now might not work for you tomorrow. With that in mind, it makes sense to keep up with Medicare Advantage changes to make sure that you are ahead of the selection process when the time comes.

If you need some assistance finding the right Humana Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 that meet your needs, reach out to us for the help.


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