Kansas Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

If you live in Kansas and considering using Medicare Advantage Plans, there may be some treats coming your way. A majority of insurers are reportedly increasing the profits of the plans. The government has not been left behind because it also made announcements to make a decent increase in regards to the payment rates.

This is not all because multiple private insurance firms are also on board saying that they are optimistic that the government will enhance the value of Part C Medicare plan by 2019. A stable and successful market could lead to more competitive Kansas Medicare Advantage Plans in 2019.


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Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans Available in Kansas

Anyone who has been following details about the plans knows too well that they do not remain the same year in year out. This means that beneficiaries need to take time to stay up to date with the following information:

  • New offerings
  • Latest premiums
  • Changes that are made to the list of providers

medicare advantage plans 2019You can easily get this information online so that you do not come across any surprises. This way, you will be in the know-how of all the providers that work within your town or the larger city. It is highly recommended that you go through the local offerings to know what they are all about.

If you still need further assistance, do not hesitate to call expert Medicare agents who will explain all the details you are looking for. There is a high chance that millions of people who benefit from original Part A and B will continue to enjoy a wide range of options when it comes to the Part C plains in the state of Kansas.



Medicare Advantage Plans

Learn More about Kansas Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

Statistics state that there is a low turnout of people registering for the plans. Only around 15% of recipients in Kansas have taken the bold step of enrolling for these plans. The figure is way below the national average which stands at 33%. Things may, however, be looking up because the percentages keep rising as the years to go by. By 2019, the number is bound to increase significantly.

A majority of MA members usually become part of HMOs. Kansas seems to be taking a different direction.

  • Regional and local PPOs stand at 53%
  • HMOs are at 41%
  • PFFS plans have the lowest percentages i.e. 6

To get a better insight on why Kansas Medicare members pick a different path than the rest of the population, you might want to view population data from some of the largest cities in Kansas

  • Olathe, KS- 134, 305
  • Kansas City, KS- 151, 306
  • Overland Park, KS 186, 515
  • Wichita, KS: 389, 965

Worth noting is that many metro areas are actually smaller cities. Most of the local recipients are found in different places across the state in areas that do not record population numbers that are too high.

One of the most important factors that beneficiaries want to know about the plans is whether they can identify convenient pharmacies, doctors, and other medical services in a network. You should also consider the same questions when dealing with PPOs. The only difference may come out is the face that PPOs go ahead and cover the services that beneficiaries seek outside their network.

Firms That Provide Kansas Part C Medicare Plans

Sadly, there are only a handful of private insurance organizations that take up the responsibility in Kansas. Most people prefer to look for a regional insurer who steps in to take care of all their needs. You may want to know that only 3 private insurers have enrolled a large percentage (90%) of the MA members. It is safe to predict that the list below has the top insurers for Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 in Kansas.


medicare advantage plans 2019

  • AARP- Naturally, United Healthcare (UHC) takes up the underwriting of AARP policies. Nationwide UHC records the highest sales of Part C Plans. The company only has 14% of the total enrolment in the state
  • Humana- a third of the MA market in Kansas belongs to Humana. This is perhaps because they were one of the pioneer organizations to market PPOs as a substitute for the HMOs. Regular HMO and the Erickson Advantage HMO-SNP both got 5-star ratings for how they had been performing in yesteryears. This is huge because not many plans manage to get the ratings for quality. Beneficiaries can use the plans to evaluate the performance of the programs to make an informed decision.
  • Aetna- This is one of the companies that has managed to stay active in the state. It boasts of a 45% market share for the plans.

The other companies that do not top the list have managed to get at least 8% of the enrolled members at the moment. A great example would be Coventry which is a reputable small insurance company that has excellent star ratings for its performance in the state.

Alternative Options for Kansas MA Plans

It helps to compare supplement plans with Part A and B perks. They attract attention because they are not dependent on medical provider networks yet they offer top-dollar coverage. Medigap plans are predicted to remain stable; thus you do not have to sweat about major yearly changes.

The good news is that most plans also come with Part D. These could potentially save you money because they come with extra perks. Examples of these include dental plans, Silver Sneakers, and vision or hearing discounts. Talk to an agent if you are not sure about the direction to take.

Get the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in 2019 for Kansas

Comparing Part C plans has never been easier thanks to our efficient quote system. It is designed to feed you with all essential deals like benefits, quality ratings, and rates. Just pick Kansas State to see a list of well-known providers. Our agents are always available to lend a helping hand if you feel like you are stuck. This way, you get to know all the options to exploit to settle on the one that will work best for your needs.



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Plans in KS for 2019

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