Medicare Advantage Plans in Georgia for 2019

Original Medicare may not be the best option for seniors in Georgia, and the Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia for 2019 may be better choices. With the Original Medicare plan, you have to pay high deductibles and copayments and probably won’t be covered for medication.

Medicare Advantage plan can be bought from private insurance companies in Georgia and will be able to replace the Original Medicare coverage. It includes coverage for Part A and Part B, and it can take care of other expenses as well, giving you some powerful coverage.

It can seem confusing trying to pick the best plan out of what is available. We make it easier for you by letting you compare plans, and using our free quote tool does a lot of the work or you. Just pick “Georgia” from the list of states to get started.

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Medicare Advantage Alternatives

We will talk about Medicare Advantage, but first we want to discuss some of your other choices. One of the best ones is the Medigap plans. These are plans that fill gaps in coverage left by Original Medicare. It works alongside with Medicare to give you additional coverage. Medigap or Supplement plans are sold by private insurance companies and come with a monthly premium. You always get the same coverage on these plans no matter which company you buy them from. Medicare Advantage plans, on the other hand, differ from one place to another and one insurance company to another. The Medicare Advantage Plans in Georgia for 2019 can be different from what is available elsewhere.

If you go with a Supplement plans, you will lower your out-of-pocket costs because our insurance company will cover a lot of deductibles and copayments for you.



Medicare Advantage Plans



What to Know about Comparing Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are great at giving you extra coverage. There are some changes that have come down the line for these plans, though, because of how insurance companies are having to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

One of those changes is that you may not see any Medicare Advantage plans without monthly premiums. Those used to be common, but things have changed, and when you have no monthly premium on your plan, you usually have to pay for your coverage. There are many different Medicare Part C plans available in Georgia, though, and you can pick from them to find the one that suits your budget and coverage needs the best.

You should know that many of the Advantage plans available are HMO plans and not PPOs. That’s because price changes due to Obamacare have forced the insurance companies to change up what they have to offer. They are trying to save you money because they need to save money, and HMOs are simply more affordable for them. You may notice some differences in the rates since Obamacare went into effect.

medicare advantage plans 2019One change you may see under an HMO is that you need to talk to your physician before you can schedule specialist appointments. You may have to adjust to this change, along with the fact that only some hospitals and clinics will be part of your insurance company’s network. On an HMO, the only place you can get any coverage is from your insurance company’s network.

We Can Help You

If you would like to get a Medicare Advantage plan, then we can assist you. We have worked with many Georgians in major cities like Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Athens and Augusta to ensure they found the best rates. We can help you find the best deals no matter what part of Georgia you live in.

To find Medicare Advantage plans in Georgia in 2019, you will need to buy from one of the insurance companies that sells these plans. United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield are some of the most notable ones, and you can compare their plans and rates right here for free, ensuring you get the right coverage for you.


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Medicare Advantage Plans