Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii for 2019

There are nearly a quarter of a million Medicare subscribers in Hawaii, and these Aloha State residents should be checking into the changes for the Medicare Advantage plans for Hawaii in 2019. These changes may not be significant, but they can directly affect seniors. Many companies that sell the Advantage plans will change up their coverage, rates and network sizes from year to year. As the plans change, so too will Medicare’s star ratings for those plans, reflecting how well the plans perform. You should check those details to ensure that providers and plans you are interested in are still good options for you in 2019.

Most people who sign up for Original Medicare will only be able to change their Part C coverage one time each year. If you know what changes have occurred and how the plans stack up to one another, you will have a better idea of whether you should change your coverage plan and what you should change it to.

If you want to compare the plans, then just pick Hawaii from the list of states in our website’s quote search tool. You will see results for top providers in your area and compare their prices quickly and easily. You can also call Medicare at its toll-free number to talk directly to a Medicare agent.


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What to Know about Hawaii’s Medicare Advantage Plans

medicare advantage plans 2019We can give you quote comparisons for all the major cities in Hawaii, including Hilo, Honolulu, East Honolulu, Pearl City and Kailua. Our service includes every county and city in Hawaii as well, so you can always find the information you need in one convenient place. Only about 110,000 Hawaiian residents have subscribed to Medicare Advantage plans, and we are expecting to see the number increase. The Medicare Advantage plans in Hawaii for 2019 offer great value to seniors, and more and more people are beginning to realize that. The percentage of Advantage subscribers in the state is fairly high when compared to that of other states.

Let’s look at some of the top insurance providers in the state who can provide you with Medicare Advantage plans.


Medicare Advantage Plans


AARP sells a PPO plan under its partner United Healthcare for Hawaii, and it is one of the highest rated Medicare Advantage plans in the state. This company holds about 20% of the Hawaii’s Medicare Advantage market.

Humana has about 10% of all Hawaii MA subscribers with its company.

HMSA Akami Advantage is a smaller insurance company, but its plans have performed well over the years.

Kaiser plans have decent star ratings and the company offers a variety of HMO plans.

Medicare star ratings are compiled by Medicare directly. The company considers several different factors when it comes up with these ratings, and the star rating is a good way for Hawaiians to figure out which plans will work well for them without getting into a lot of detail. The best plans are rated as 5-star plans, but it is very tough for any insurer to earn that prestigious rating for its coverage plans. There are several programs in Hawaii with four-star ratings right now, but none have achieved five stars yet.

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Hawaii has seen Medicare Part C plans surge in popularity over the past few years. We expect them to become increasingly popular over the next few years as more and more seniors begin to realize how beneficial these plans can be for them. Many Medicare Advantage plans can cover prescription medication and a variety of other medical services.

Medicare advantage Plans 2019Medigap plans are worth considering as well, if you want an insurance plan that does not operate on a network. With Medigap plans, you also don’t need to get permission from your primary care provider to make an appointment with a specialist. If you go to the mainland United States, you will see that it is much easier to find doctors and medical facilities that accept Original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage plans differ from Supplement (or Medigap) plans in that they almost always offer prescription drug coverage and Supplement plans never do. If you want prescription drug coverage with a Supplement plan, then you need to buy a separate plan, known as Medicare Part D.

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We offer a quick and easy way to compare the coverage and prices on Medicare Advantage plans for Georgia in 2019. This price comparison tool is completely free to use, and you just need to pick Hawaii from the list of states in the search box on this page. Fill out the short form and submit it, and then you can see the offers from some of the top insurance providers in the state. If you have any more questions about Medicare Advantage plans, then you should contact a live Medicare agent at the toll free number. The online tools on this site should help you find the plan the plan you are looking for, though, once you decide if you want a Medicare Advantage plan to help with your medical expenses.


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