Medicare Advantage Plans in New Jersey for 2019

The federal government formulated the Medicare healthcare system to see to it that seniors aged 65 and above could always access medical care. When a senior turns 65 years, they can enroll in the program and they obtain Medicare Part A and B plans. These are the most basic of healthcare coverage provided, and you often hear people asking if Medicare Advantage Plans in New Jersey are a good option for all Medicare beneficiaries.

If you live in the state you must agree that it has an extensive health care system. It’s particularly true in the case of senior citizens with limited incomes. You probably already have Original Medicare comprising of Part A and B, but it is worth looking into Medicare Advantage plans in New Jersey for 2019.

Now is the best time to start shopping around for MA plans in readiness for the Open Enrollment period. We came up with this guide to give you an overview of Medicare Advantage plans. It’s also possible to conduct a rates comparison right on our site. Start by selecting the state “New Jersey” from our drop-down menu. Once you click on it, you will get a list of Medicare Part C plans along with details about benefits, premiums, and deductibles to compare.

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Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans in New Jersey for 2019

Perhaps you are already enrolled in an MA plan or want to sign up for one during the upcoming Open Enrollment period. It’s crucial to understand the difference between Medicare Part C plans for 2019 and their Medigap counterparts. In terms of similarities, private insurers offer these covers to pre-existing Original Medicare beneficiaries in all states.

MA plans work collaboratively with Original Medicare, meaning that they pay out after Part A and B coverage. However, Medigap covers do not work collaboratively with Original Medicare and you cannot have both an MA and supplement plan. Both still reduce your out-of-pocket spending on medical expenses. Most beneficiaries find that the monthly premiums payable on the Medigap plans are much higher in comparison to Medicare Advantage rates.

Finding the Right PlansĀ 

medicare advantage new jersey 2019A number of seniors prefer sticking with their Original Medicare cover alongside having a supplement to fill in the gaps. However, Medicare Advantage plans have quickly proven to be an even more appealing choice with their popularity increasing annually.

Now if you do decide to opt for an MA plan for 2019, you will receive coverage from a private insurer. Medicare licenses these companies to sell these plans but still monitors and regulates them. That means that in essence, they are standardized to provide the same basic level of coverage regardless of the state where you purchase a plan. On the minimum, a Medicare Advantage plan also caters for the A and B costs as well as other benefits.

The benefits that come with MA plan differ from one insurer to the next but they often handle vision care, dental, and hearing as well as offer discounts of health club memberships. Insurers also offer Medicare Advantage plans under network partnerships with health care providers as a way of subsiding medical costs. Often, they are offered under PPO and HMO networks.

Due to the Obamacare-related changes, most Medicare Part C plans come in the form of HMOs. These plans restrict members to seeking non-emergency medical services from within the network. It also means accessing medical services at an even more subsidized rate. Often, seniors don’t mind HMO plans as long as they have an extensive network list within their area.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Locating Medicare Part C Plans in New Jersey

We have a handy Medicare Advantage quote tool that has helped a number of seniors in New Jersey before. A majority of seniors who have found our quote tool useful come from these major cities:

  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Edison
  • Paterson
  • Elizabeth

It doesn’t mean that you have to be a resident of any of these cities in order to use our quote tool. Regardless of where you live in New Jersey or whether you currently live in the state or not, our quote tool can help you identify a suitable MA plan. Have a look at the numerous listings of Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 after choosing “New Jersey” from the drop-down menu. You will access information about different companies offering these plans along with their MA benefits and premiums. You can also access help finding the best Medicare Advantage plan to meet your needs at the best possible rate to fit your budget.

The Top Companies Offering Medicare Advantage Plans in New Jersey

The 2019 Open Enrollment is quickly approaching, and we decided to compile a list of the leading providers of MA plans in New Jersey. There are certainly many more companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans in the state but a few of them stand out more. They include:

  • Geisinger Gold
  • Humana
  • AARP
  • United Healthcare
  • Erikson Advantage
  • Aetna
  • Cigna

Selecting The Best Medicare Advantage Plans in New Jersey

The first thing that you should understand is that the best Medicare Advantage plan doesn’t exist. These plans comprise of benefits that some seniors might highly appreciate while some might find that they don’t need a few of them altogether. Therefore, the best approach is finding an MA plan that bundles up coverage for a majority of medical expenses that you need.

Cost does matter a lot to most seniors and it’s entirely possible to find Medicare Advantage plans with zero premiums. It can all prove quite tasking, and that’s what we are here, to help you find the right MA plan to suit your needs. Start off with our quote too and choose “New Jersey” from the drop-down list containing states. Clicking on the state leads you to a list of providers offering Medicare Part C plans in New Jersey for 2019 along with a comparison of the different plans. You can choose any plan to access more details about their benefits and rates.

You can also always call us to talk to a qualified agent for more information and further help choosing a suitable MA plan.

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