Medicare Advantage Plans in Iowa for 2019

Iowa boasts an enrollment rate for Medicare Advantage plans of about 18% of its Medicare subscribers. More than 500,000 Medicare subscribers reside in the state, and many of them are choosing to sign up for Medicare Part C plans as a way to cut healthcare costs for themselves. Iowa’s enrollment rate isn’t as high as it is in other states, but we expect to see an increase in enrollment rates for Medicare Advantage plans for Iowa in 2019.

The last few years, MA enrollment has increased by a couple of percentage points each year. We expect to see enrollment increase as well because one of the states largest insurance providers, Aetna, is promising to make a bigger impact in the Iowa market.

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Facts about Iowa Advantage Plans

The largest cities in Iowa are Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City and Davenport. These have the most Medicare subscribers of any city as well, but we serve not only those major cities, but also the smaller cities and counties throughout the state.


Medicare Advantage Plans


Iowa has a lot of rural areas and a few mid-sized cities, and the difference in enrollment statistics for this state are interesting when compared to that of other states. In Iowa, only about a third of all Medicate Advantage subscribers choose HMO plans, which are far more popular elsewhere. HMO plans tend to cost less than PPO plans, but PPO plans provide coverage in more areas, which is good for Iowa residents, since it is more difficult to find local providers in the larger, rural areas.

medicare advantage plans 2019There are just a few insurers in Iowa that have the vast majority of the subscribers. These significant plyers will have the most subscribers for Medicare Advantage plans for Iowa in 2019 as well, and we want to take a moment to look at some other top insurers in this particular market. You will likely end up with one of them, since they have the most expansive networks.

Iowa’s Top-Rated Insurance Companies

Let’s look at a few of the companies that most Iowa residents sign up with for Medicare Advantage plans:

Aetna- This company has about 26% of all Medicare Advantage subscribers in the state.

AARP- In a partnership with United Healthcare, this company has reached about 26% of the MA subscribers. Some of its HMO plans have received excellent star ratings from Medicare.

Humana- Around 18% of the Medicare Advantage members in Iowa are members of Humana as well.

Senior Preferred- While this company is relatively small, it is the only company with 5-star rated plans from Medicare.

Coventry- This company offers seniors HMOs and PPOs.

Medicare tracks the different plans in Iowa’s many counties. It compares the plans based on how valuable they are to the consumer, how much they cost and how large of a network the insurance provider offers. It’s pretty rare to find plans that achieve a 5-star rating, and many insurers are working to improve their plans to get better ratings and to attract new customers and better government incentives.

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It does not have to be tough to compare the plans that are available in Iowa. There is an easy way to find quotes for the various plans and compare then. You can use our free online quote form to do that, and we’ll show you the best Medicare Advantage plans for Iowa for 2019. You can see the rates and compare coverage and other detailed information that can help you make your decision. You’ll be able to see star ratings and medical benefits as well. We even provide information on network providers and prescriptions, and you can read the information we have on our site or talk to one of our agents toll-free at the phone number provided. We can help you choose the best plan and inform your choices so that they are smart ones.

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