Medicare Advantage Plans in Kansas for 2019

Any seniors who are signed up for Medicare and want to improve their cost savings with Medicare Advantage in Kansas can do so for the coming year. There will be a small increase in payment rates, and insurers have noted a greater profit from last year over the previous years. There are also likely to be better star ratings for the coming year on many of the Advantage plans. That could make this coming year very profitable for and healthy for Medicare Advantage plans for Kansas in 2019.

Comparing the Plans

medicare advantage plans 2019There are about half a million Kansas residents who are a currently signed up for Original Medicare, which includes Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. They will have more options than ever when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans this coming year. These plans can change every year, and if you want to keep up with those changes as they happen, you can use our site to do so. We track changing prices and coverage from all the major providers for the state.

Just complete our short and simple online quote form and get the results right away. You’ll be able to compare prices, coverage and available plans quickly and easily. You can call us toll-free for more assistance, if you like.

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The Facts about Medicare Advantage for Kansas

Only about 15% of all Medicare subscribers in Kansas have signed up for Medicare Advantage plans, and that’s below the national average, which is around 33%. However that is an increase over the last few years, and we expect to see the enrollment rates increase even more next year.

Most people who sign up for MA go with HMOs, but those are not the most popular and available choice in Kansas. Only about 41% of Kansas residents who sign up for an MA plan choose HMO. 53% go with PPOs, while about 6% choose PFFS plans. It might help to explain the difference in enrollment statistics for Kansas if you look at the population data. Wichita is the most populated city in Kansas, and it only had 390,000 people. The next most populated city is Overland Park, which is home to 186,000. Kansas City and Olathe have even less than that. Most of the people in Kansas live in smaller cities that are very spread out or in rural areas where healthcare providers are few and far between. That means that it can be tough to find hospitals and doctors on your local area that accept a variety of Medicare Advantage plans for Kansas in 2019. That’s why PPO plans are so popular here. They let seniors receive their coverage anywhere. They cost more than HMOs, but the wider range of options is usually something that works out better for Kansas residents.


Medicare Advantage Plans

Which Companies to Pick from For Medicare Advantage

You can get your Medicare Part C plans from quite a few different insurance providers in Kansas, but most Kansas residents only pick from a few of them. In fact, more than 90% of Medicare Advantage enrollments happen within the top three insurance companies in Kansas.

Here are the top insurers for the state right now and likely through all of 2019:

Humana is where 33% of all Medicare Advantage subscribers in Kansas have their plans. They have some great PPOs, and they offer a 5-star rated HMO plan and HMO-SNP plan.

AARP has captured only 14% of the MA market in Kansas, with their partners United Healthcare, and they are the biggest insurance company for Advantage plans in the country.

Aetna has a grip on the Kansas market, with 45% of the enrollment for Advantage plans.

medicare advantage plans 2019There are other insurance companies as well, but only a small percentage of Kansas residents choose them. Coventry is one of the more notable ones, and it has some great plans that have reached good ratings. 5-star plans are few and far between, and only a few companies have earned this rating for any of their plans. This rating is decided by Medicare and it gives seniors a quick way to determine the value of the plans.

Alternatives of Medicare Advantage in Kansas

You should compare Advantage plans to Supplement plans, which offer something a bit different. You will be covered in more places with Supplement plans, since they don’t require a network to function. They cost more than Advantage plans, in most cases, but they offer more options and more variety. Supplement plans, also known as Medigap, tend to be very stable and not change much from one year to the next, as opposed to Advantage plans, which change all the time.

Advantage plans often include Medicare Part D, which will cover most prescription drug costs. That is something you have to buy separately if you go with a Supplement plan. If you don’t know what plan to choose, then it is best to talk to a certified Medicare agent about your options.

Compare before You Buy

If you want a simple way to compare the Advantage plans available in Kansas for the coming year, then you can do so on this website. We will show you the star ratings, prices and coverage for the available plans, and you can find out more by clicking on any individual plan or by calling us toll-free at the number provided. It may be tough to sort through all the available Medicare Advantage plans for Kansas in 2019. But we will make it as simple as possible for you, because we want you to choose the most suitable plan for your needs.


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Medicare Advantage Plans