Medicare Advantage Plans in Nebraska for 2019

If you want to compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Nebraska for 2019 you are in the right place. An estimated 300,000 Nebraskans rely on the Original Medicare (A and B) coverage to help manage their medical expenses. Part A and B take a significant load off when it comes to medical expenses, but they still do leave seniors with deductibles, coinsurance, and several uncovered service payments. Figures show that just about 12% of Nebraskans currently use Medicare Advantage plans. It’s entirely possible to manage health care costs with Medicare Part C plans in Nebraska for 2019, and they are projected to increase in popularity.

If you are wondering if there is a way to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Nebraska the answer is yes. We recommend starting your search with our quote form. Access the quote box and select “Nebraska,” and in a matter of seconds, you can access information about the top companies offering Medicare Advantage plans in Nebraska.


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Updates About Medicare Advantage Plans in Nebraska for 2019

Before getting right into it, let’s have a look at Nebraska’s biggest cities and their estimated populations:

  • Grand Island – 51, 440
  • Bellevue – 55, 510
  • Lincoln – 277, 348
  • Omaha – 443, 885

Lincoln and Omaha are the largest cities in Nebraska, and the others are more or less small towns. This is a significant fact because it means that most insurers often don’t have extensive networks of providers in the smaller towns for their PPO and HMO plans. It’s a possible explanation why Medicare Advantage plans are not as popular in Nebraska as they are in other states.



Medicare Advantage Plans


Also, there are 62% PPO MA beneficiaries in Nebraska because the plan generally allows them to save money when accessing services from network providers. The plan also allows them to still access services outside of the network, unlike HMOs which restrict healthcare within network providers. The PPO plans also work well for seniors who travel frequently outside the state or those who may want to access services from specialists without having to seek permission from a primary doctor.

The Leading Providers for Medicare Part C Plans in Nebraska

Based on the recent past, there are a few MA insurers who prove to be popular with seniors taking up these plans, and they promise to continue the trend as the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans in Nebraska for 2019.

  • Humana

Humana boasts of having 14% of MA plan enrollees in the state. Humana is the leading choice for those who are looking for a highly rated PPO.

  • Coventry

Coventry has the highest star ratings for PPO plans in the state.

  • AARP

In collaboration with United Healthcare, AARP offers some of the highest star-rated HMOs. United Healthcare presently holds more than half of MA plan enrollments in all states.

  • Aetna

Aetna also has a pretty decent number of MA enrollees comprising of 27% of the state’s Medicare beneficiaries.

At the moment, insurers still haven’t published 5-star rating information in Nebraska. The information might come out during the Open Enrollment period, therefore, it’s wise to keep an eye out on the Medicare Part C quality ratings for 2019. Several US counties don’t have plans with 5-star ratings, therefore, it isn’t something unusual.

What About Alternatives to Medicare Advantage Plans?

medicare advantage plans 2019Medicare supplement plans, also called Medigap plans, are currently still quite popular. Even though a majority of beneficiaries still go for PPOs over HMOs, the numbers don’t come close to those who opt for Medigap plans. The main reason why they maintain their popularity amongst Medicare beneficiaries is because they don’t have any network ties restricting access to healthcare providers. Their monthly premiums are often higher than those of Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap plans still work best for Original Medicare beneficiaries living in rural areas or small towns so that they can have more access to local medical providers.

The other reason why these supplemental plans continue to maintain their popularity is that doctors and medical providers accept them all over the country. It works perfectly for seniors who travel frequently, and best still is that some of these Medigap plans also cover overseas medical costs. Also, much like MA plans some supplemental covers might cater for treatment outside of the country in the case of medical emergencies.

With this insight, it’s understandable why supplemental plans for Medicare have higher monthly rates compared to Medicare Advantage plans in Nebraska. On the other hand, they provide more freedom in terms of health care access. Medicare beneficiaries who find that they need medical help on a frequent basis may find that the Medigap plans save them a lot in the long run because of its robust coverage.

Extra Coverage Offered By Medicare Advantage Plans in Nebraska

When making Medicare Part C plans in 2019 comparisons, it helps to also consider the additional benefits that come with them. Most MA plans already bundle drug coverage (Part D), which is a much-needed plus. That means that you don’t have to pay separately to get the drug coverage. Insurers also bundle these plans with several other extras to make them much more attractive to prospective beneficiaries.

medicare advantage plans Alaska 2019Some of the typical additional benefits you will receive with MA plans include dental, vision, and hearing aid coverage. These are medical costs that you would otherwise have to cover out of your own pockets with the Original Medicare. In general, MA plans help you to offset a significant portion of the out-of-pocket expenses.

Quickly Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Nebraska for 2019

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