Medicare Cost 2020

How much are you going to pay for Medicare coverage in 2020? Let’s look at Medicare cost in 2020 and give you some answers that will allow you to make an informed decision.

Changing Costs

medicare advantage plans 2019The cost of Medicate Supplement plans, Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans is always changing. The rates for these plans tend to increase at the frequency of about once per year. How often they change and how much they increase by will be determined by the companies and organizations responsible for setting the prices.

For Original Medicare, that’s the Medicare organization. For Supplements and Advantage plans, that would be private insurance companies. These private insurer include companies like Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, AARP and Cigna. They are in competition with one another and with many other insurance providers. They have to consider how they can keep their plans competitive while still making a profit off of their customers.


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As inflation drives up the price of groceries, gas and other essentials, it also causes the Medicare plans to increase. That’s why the plans increase so regularly. Of course, there is no set time for rates to increase, but if you sign up for one of these plans, your rates are locked in for the duration of the coverage term. Once your term is up and it is time to renew or cancel your plan, then you may have to pay a new, usually higher rate.

The Price of Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage prices are determined by private insurance companies that sell the plans. Medicare makes no restriction in rates for these plans, so it is entirely up to the insurance companies to set the rates. You can find wildly different rates on very similar plans, so it is in your best interests to compare Advantage plans and find the best rates. As the rates change, the plans will offer you more or greater value. You also have to pay attention to how the coverage changes, because insurance companies can change the coverage along with the price on these plans.

Use a price comparisons service to see how different Advantage plans stack up to one another. You can easily find the best rates on the coverage you want this way. The more quotes you source for these plans, the better your chances are of finding a high value plan at a good price.



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The Price of Medicare Supplements

Likewise, Medicare Supplements have their rates set by private insurance companies. These plans offer a different coverage setup than Advantage plans, though. Supplement plans have set or guaranteed coverage. This means that all Supplement Plan F’s are the same plan. They all have the same exact full coverage. All Medicare Supplement Plan G’s are the same as well, all of which have the same Plan G coverage. The price may change and the insurance company selling them may change, but the coverage is not decided by the insurers. It is entirely up to Medicare to decide what the coverage will be. When the coverage on one Medicare Supplement plan changes due to Medicare’s instructions, then they all change.

The Medicare cost 2020 for Supplement plans will change at the whim of the insurance companies. You can keep track of these changes and see what the different insurance companies are charging for their plans by using a price comparison service.


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The Price of Original Medicare

This one is different because it is entirely up to Medicare. Only Medicare sells Original Medicare plans, and only Medicare gets to decide what the rates will be for this plans. There is no company that it is in competition with, so the rates are not going to change based on what other companies charge for the plans, since no other companies sell Original Medicare.

You can’t really compare prices on Original Medicare either. You simply have to accept the price of this plan for your area. There may be some special rates you can enjoy due to your medical conditions or financial situation. Also, your costs are based on how long you worked or how long your spouse worked, and you can forgo certain expenses by meeting specific criteria.

Compare and Save

medicare advantage plans 2019As prices continue to change and medical insurance costs increase from year to year, you need to know how to save money. First of all, you want to buy a coverage plan that meets your specific needs. Don’t sign up for one simply because it is popular, because it may not suit your needs well. Secondly, you can save money by comparing the rates on specific plans. So, once you pick out an Advantage plan or Supplement plan that buy like, you can use a price comparison service to compare the costs and find out how much is being charged for that plan. You can see how several different insurance companies are setting their rates for a given plan and see who has the best deal. The more quotes you source, the more money you have the potential to save and the better deal you are likely to find.

We urge you to spend some time comparing costs and finding the most suitable plan at the best price that you can. Don’t assume that the first plan you come across that kind of suits your needs is the best plan for you. There are tons of choices out there, both among different kinds of plans and within specific types of plans. Even if you decide you need a Medicare Advantage plan, you have lots of options there to save money and get a good deal.

Medical care can be costly, but you don’t have to break your budget to get the service you need. You can find an insurance plan that fits you well and that fits into your budget, but you have to know what the Medicare cost for 2020 is and what the best deals are. Then you can wisely choose the most suitable plan at the best price.



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