Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

One of the better ways to get some extra coverage for your medical expenses is to use Medicare Supplement plans. The Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 are ones that you will be able to sign up for soon, if you are 65 years or older. You’ll be able to apply for them during Open Enrollment, and we will cover that and more as we discuss Supplement plans.

Enrolling in Medicare Supplement Plans in 2019

You are allowed to apply for Medicare Supplements once you reach age 65. You can apply anytime around your 65th birthday, up to three months before and three months after. You can also apply before you turn 65, if you qualify for early Medicare due to certain medical conditions. You can check with an insurance agent to find out if you do qualify.

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Another time you can sign up is during what is known as Open Enrollment. During this window of time, you can apply for any plan you want, and if you are 65 or older, you are guaranteed approval. Open Enrollment for 2019 starts in November 1st of 2018 and then goes until the 15th of December in the same year You have to apply for 2019 plans in 2018 in order for those plans to take effect in 2019.

You need to know that Medicare Supplement plans are not sold by Medicare at all. It’s up to individual insurance companies to sell these plans. They cannot alter the plans in anyway, but instead have to stick to the coverage and benefits that Medicare has set up for them. These are Medicare’s plans, after all, even if Medicare is not the one selling them.

So, in order to apply for a Supplement plan, you need to visit the website of an insurance company that sells them or call up the company directly to submit your application. It can take a little while for your application to be processed, but most people are approved for the Supplement plans, so long as they are at least 65.

Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019You will only be able to sign up for one Medicare Supplement plan at once. The plans all share some of the same coverage, and no overlap between plans is allowed if you have more than one plan. If you currently have a Medicare Supplement plan or some other plan that shares similar coverage, and you want to sign up for a new plan, then you will have to drop your old plan in order to sign up. You usually cannot drop or change plans until the term you agreed upon for the plan has expired. That term is typically for a year, but it can be longer than that, if that’s what you agreed to.

Medicare Supplement Coverage

If you have looked at Medicare Supplement plans before or you are looking at them before they become available, you are in luck, because the plans and the coverage they are offering are not changing for 2019, so far as we know right now. Medicare has not announced any upcoming changes for the plans, and they always announce any changes well in advance of putting those changes into effect.

Medicare is the only entity that can change the coverage on these plans, so you are guaranteed certain coverage when you go to apply for a specific Supplement plan. You can rest easy knowing that there is standardized coverage for each of the 10 Supplement plans. Medicare has assigned and designed that coverage to fit specific kinds of needs. Any insurance company that sells these plans has to stick to that same coverage that Medicare has already set up. They are not allowed to make any changes to it.

The coverage is different for each of the Supplement plans. It would take a lot of time to go into what each of those plans is offering, so instead we will focus on the kind of coverage you could get if you picked any one of these plans. We’re going to give you a list of medical expenses that will be covered by Supplement plans, and you need to keep in mind that not every plan will cover all the items we list. Some of the items are only covered partially, so you’ll need to pay attention to which one are fully covered by your Supplement plan and which ones are not.

The first item of supplemental coverage we want to talk about for the Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 are the Medicare copayments. These are copayments for Medicare Part A and Part B, which you would normally have to pay for every visit to the doctor’s office, clinic, hospital etc.

Next up are the deductibles. These are annual payments you make for Medicare Part A and Part B. Some of the Supplement plans will only cover the Part A deductible, while only a couple will cover you for the Part B.


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Nursing care’s coinsurance is covered as well under several of the Supplement plans. This helps to reduce the cost of skilled nursing care services.

Hospice care’s coinsurance may also be covered, as well as blood you will need during the year. The blood coverage is for three pints, and this coverage is renewed every year.

You can be covered for foreign emergency medical transport too, which helps to reduce the cost of being transported for emergency medical care while you are outside the US. It only covers you up to a maximum of 80% of the cost, and you will only be covered for up to $50,000 over your lifetime for this expense.

Medicare Part B excess charges can also be covered, but only by a couple of the plans. This is not a common expense for most people, as it pertains to excess costs for covering Part B services when the medical facility does not accept all of Medicare’s coverage.

These are the coverage items that your Supplement plans could provide for you. Only Plan F covers all of these, but other plans offer very close to comprehensive coverage. These are plans G, N and C. They are considered high coverage plans are are ideal for people with a lot of medical expenses who want to be covered for most of those expenses. Once you have full supplemental coverage, in addition to the basic Medicare plan, you should be covered for the majority of your medical care. You can buy other insurance plans on top of those that take care of the remaining expenses, if you like.

Medicare Advantage 2019


Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019By using Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2019, you can enjoy powerful coverage for your medical expenses. This is one of the most popular of the Medicare Supplements because of how comprehensive the provided coverage is. No other Supplement plan has what this one offers, and that’s full coverage for supplemental expenses.

Let’s take a look at the kind of coverage this plan will give you.

It covers the kinds of expenses you may be paying for regularly out of your own pockets. This includes the Medicare Part A deductible and the Part B deductible. It is one of just a few Medicare Supplement plans to cover this expense.

It also covers Medicare Part A’s hospital stay expenses, up to 365 days. This includes a lot of inpatient costs that the basic Medicare plan only provides some coverage for. Now, Plan F and other Supplement plans will offer some of the same kind of coverage as the basic Medicare plan, but they do not overlap with that Original Medicare plan. Instead, when Original Medicare covers all of its part, the Supplement plan steps in and offers additional coverage for that particular expense. There are a number of medical expenses that Original Medicare will only cover to a certain extent and Medicare Supplements like Plan F are great at offering you additional coverage for those things.

In addition to what we have covered already, Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2019 will also cover you for the first three pints of blood you use each year. This is one of a few different renewable coverage items offered by this plan that get renewed each year you have the plan. One item of coverage that is not renewed with Plan F is the foreign travel exchange. This covers you for up to 80% of the cost of every time you need to be transported to a medical facility not in the US for a medical emergency. It covers you for up to $50,000 over your lifetime. Once that coverage runs out, you will have to pay for this expense on your own, but for most people that won’t be a problem since this is a fairly rare occurrence.

Plan F also covers the cost of coinsurance for both nursing care, Medicare Part B and hospice care from Medicare Part A, as well as Medicare Part B excess charges. This coverage combines to create a powerful insurance plan that can take care of most of the expenses not already covered under your basic Medicare plan. Expect Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2019 to meet the needs for coverage for even those with serious medical problems and those who receive regular treatment.

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Medicare Supplement Plan G 2019

Which of the Medicare Supplements is the one that most people are signing up for this year? That would be Medicare Supplement Plan G 2019, and there is good reason for that.

This coverage plan takes care of most of the supplemental insurance expenses for you. It covers healthcare costs like the Medicare Part A deductible, the Part A hospice care consonance, Part A hospitalization coinsurance, Part B excess charges and Part B coinsurance. It even covers the first three pints of blood you’ll use for the year, as well as the cost of nursing care coinsurance, which takes care of much of your skilled nursing care costs. On top of all that, it will cover you for 80% of the cost of being transported outside the country for emergency medical attention- a coverage item known as foreign travel exchange.

With Plan G, you get covered for many expense that are common for most seniors. You also get covered for those things you may or may not have to pay for out of your own pockets at some time in your life. But the good thing is that if those expenses do occur, then you won’t have to pay for them with Medicare Supplement Plan G 2019 taking care of you. This plan is almost a full coverage plan, and the only supplemental insurance item it doesn’t take care of for its subscribers is the Medicare Part B deductible, which you can probably pay for out of your own finances for cheaper than if you were to have it covered by an insurance plan.

You can find Plan G at moist insurance companies that sell Medicare Supplements. As the most popular current Supplement plan, it is one that many insurance companies have added to their lineup over the past few years and many more are planning to add shortly. The demand is very high for it, and with good reason. It’s a plan that covers a lot and yet is affordably priced, in many instances, making it what we would call a high value plan.

It’s one we can recommend to many seniors, because it saves you money in all the right places and doesn’t bother with fluff coverage or covering items that are cheaper to pay for on your own. This is an ideal plan for those people who are suffering from serious medical issues and who need regular care. If you are in and out of the hospital throughout the year, then it is likely that you could benefit from this coverage, and we suggest looking into Medicare Supplement Plan G 2019 to see if it might save you some money. It is doing just that for a number of seniors already.


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Medicare Supplement Plan N 2019

The coverage provided to seniors by Medicare Supplements can be substantial, taking care of those costs that you may have trouble paying on your own. Medicare Supplement Plan N 2019 takes care of lots of them and more than most other Supplement plans do. Let’s look for a moment at what it can do for you and why it might be a good choice for many seniors.

Plan N will cover lots of common expenses that even the basic Medicare plan is not covering for you. If you already have that basic Medicare plan, then you know that there are some expenses that just are not covered that are pretty common for most people. That would include some of the blood you use, deductibles for Medicare Part A and Part B, coinsurance for nursing care and copayments for parts A and B of Medicare. Plan N will cover much of that for you. Here is the list of coverage provided by Plan N:

  • Copayments on Medicare Part A
  • Copayments on Medicare Part B
  • Coinsurance for nursing care
  • Hospice care coinsurance
  • Blood coverage (for three pints of blood every year)
  • Foreign travel exchange costs up to 80% for each incident
  • Deductible for Medicare Part A

Medicare Supplement Plan N 2019 is going to cover you for both things that are common and uncommon to you, and how helpful it is for you will depend on your circumstances. If you look at your finances and what you are paying today right now for medical care, then you can have an idea of how this plan covers you. It may be that Plan N is simply covering too much that doesn’t apply to you. In that case, you need to pick a different, lower coverage Supplement plan or no Supplement plan at all. If Plan N falls short of the coverage you need, such as not taking care of the Medicare Part B deductible or the Part B excess charges, then you should look at one of the higher coverage plans available.

There probably is a Medicare Supplement plan that will fit you well and that will cover you where you need to be covered while being affordable. In order to make sure the plan you choose is affordable you should compare prices on that plan. You can compare prices on Plan N and other Supplements by using a price comparison tool online. This free tool lets you see a few different prices for the same plan all at once. You won’t lose any coverage on Medicare Supplement Plan N 2019 by getting it for a lower price, so compare away and see how much you can save while still getting the coverage that you want.

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Cost of Medicare Supplement Plans

The cost of Supplement plans is not something that Medicare really gets involved with. It stays to the side on that matter and lets the insurance companies decide for themselves what they want to charge for their plans. The prices may be competitive, but they also reflect the cost of living in particular area. So, in some areas of the country, the same plan from the same company will cost you more than it does elsewhere. There are often several insurance companies selling the same plans in the same local area. So, if you want a good deal, then you can simply compare those costs and try to find the lowest price on the plan you want.

Keep in mind what we spoke about earlier, how that the coverage stays the same regardless of where you are buying the plan from. Plan F is always going to be the full coverage plan and always cover all the items we listed above, unless Medicare decides to change it. If they do change it, they will let you know well in advance.

This means that you can expect the same coverage on the same plan anywhere you go in the country and from any insurance provider you apply with. It is in your best interests to compare the plans and what they are offering, and once you narrow down the list to the plan or two that you like the most and that fits you well, you should compare the costs of those plans. Look at as many quotes for the individual plans you are interested in as possible. The more quotes you can manage to source, the better your chances will be that you will end up with a great deal on supplemental coverage.

You can use a tool known as a Supplement price comparison to quickly find out what the rates are for the Supplement plans in your area from a few different providers. This free online resource helps you to see at a glance what the rates are and compare them to determine the lowest price.

Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 help pay deductibles and coinsurance, and save yourself some money on medical expenses. You just need to find the right plan for you and then find the lowest price on that plan. Once you do that, you can save a lot of money each year.

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