Medicare Supplement Plans in Arkansas

A lot of people in Arkansas who have Medicare Supplement plans are happy with their coverage because it is priced affordable and gives them access to great healthcare benefits.

You need to educate yourself about the ways in which Medicare Supplement plans function in Arkansas. To find the best doctors for yourself, you need to use the Medicare benefits that you have.

The Statistics of Enrollment for Medicare Plans in Arkansas

Below are statistics related to the Medicare Supplement plans in Arkansas:

  • About 750,000 people are enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B
  • Roughly 173,000 people in Arkansas own a Medicare Supplement plan
  • More than 300,000 people are enrolled in Medicare Plan F
  • Roughly 36% of Arkansas residents have a Medigap plan

Statistics of the most popular counties in Arkansas:

  • Approximately 393,250 people in Pulaski County
  • Approximately 258,291 people in Benton County
  • Approximately 228,049 people in Washington County
  • Approximately 127,793 people in Sebastian County
  • Approximately 122,227 people in Faulkner County

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Rate Calculation Methods for Medicare Supplement Plans in Arkansas

In Arkansas, insurance companies are allowed to choose between three different pricing systems for setting the monthly premium rates of their Medicare Supplement plans. They are as follows:

  • Attained age

The current age of the beneficiary is what determines their premium rate.

  • Issue age

The beneficiary’s age at the time when they first purchased their policy is what determines their premium rate.

  • Community-rated

Everyone in a single community is given the same insurance premium rate.

Be aware that policies using the attained age system might appear cheaper when you are 65 years old. However, the premium rate will increase each year that you get older. On top of that, your rates could increase because of medical costs that you’ve accrued too. But the one huge benefit of a community-rated or issue-age plan is that your rates won’t increase just because you get older.

What Are the Available Medicare Supplement Plans in Arkansas?

medicare advantage plans 2019Arkansas is just like most other states in the country where you can compare the 10 different Medicare Supplement plans available. There is no requirement which forces insurance companies to advertise their Medicare Supplement plans in every location. Therefore, the plan options that you have available in your location might be different than the options available in another county or city.

Out of all the plans in Arkansas, Plan F is the most popular one. The second most popular is Plan N and the third most popular is Plan G. The two Medicare Supplement plans which are the most robust are Plan F and Plan G. As for Plan N, the policyholder is part of a cost-sharing system which lowers their monthly premiums.



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How Prescription Drug Coverage Works Under a Medicare Supplement Plan in Arkansas

The original intention of Medicare Supplement plans was to assist people who had Original Medicare coverage. However, both types of coverages will only pay for prescription drugs under rare circumstances. So, if your doctor regularly gives you prescriptions that you need to fill at a pharmacy, then you will want to be enrolled in Medicare Part D. If you wait until the Initial Enrollment Period expires before you enroll in Medicare Part D, there may be a penalty that you will need to pay.

Most insurance providers that have Medigap plans available are going to have Medicare prescription drug plans available too. But this doesn’t mean you need to purchase each type of plan from the same insurance company. It is better to compare the different policies available for Medicare Supplement and prescription plans. That way, you can have more flexibility in your choices.

For example, the Medigap policy premium rates for Company A might be lower than they are for Company B. However, Company B might offer better coverage with brand named prescriptions which you need for your condition.

The Time to Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plans in Arkansas

aarp medicare advantage plans 2019After you become 65 years old, the Initial Enrollment Period for a Medigap plan starts on the same month that you begin receiving Medicare benefits. If you suffered from a disability before turning 65 and you received Original Medicare benefits for it, then you will still be eligible for the Medigap Open Enrollment Period after you become 65 years old. However, most people under 65 years of age who receive Medicare benefits will choose a Medicare Advantage plan instead.

If you turned 65 years old and are enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B, then the following information applies to you:

  • In Arkansas, there is a 6-month period for you to select any Medicare Supplement plan that is available in your local area without being required to answer any questions pertaining to your health. Most people find this period to be the best time for their Medigap plan enrollment.
  • If there are other times in which you lose any other health care coverage, then you are entitled to an additional 63 days for purchasing a Medigap policy in Arkansas and you don’t even need an underwriter.

There are other times when a Medigap policy can be applied for too. But if you want eligibility, you must already be enrolled in both Medicare Parts A & B. If the Medigap Open Enrollment Period has expired, the insurance provider may not accept your application. If they do accept it, your premium rate will likely be much higher. If you’re over 65 and very active, do not assume this will be the case. Talk to an agent so they can explain the best coverage options that are available in Arkansas, such as the Medicare Supplement plan options.

Medicare Supplement Plan Usage Outside of Arkansas

When you have a Medicare Supplement plan, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to take it wherever you want. If you leave Arkansas and go to a doctor in another state, you will still be covered with this plan.

If you are going to permanently move out of Arkansas, then the following will apply to you:

  • You should be able to retain your current Medicare Supplement plan if you move from Arkansas. But, you must report your updated address if you do. After that, you can expect different premium rates based on your new location when it comes time to renew your plan.
  • There are situations where your current insurance provider won’t cover you in the city that you’re moving to. If this happens, there should be an Election Period available which will let you sign up with a new insurance company without the need to have health underwriting.

Resources for Medicare in Arkansas

Medicare beneficiaries in Arkansas can receive further help from the following resources:


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