Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut

Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut: Enrollment Statistics

In 2017, more than 466,000 Connecticut residents were covered by Original Medicare, up from 630,333 in 2015. Here are some additional facts about 2015 enrollment in a Medicare Supplement plan in Connecticut:

  • 151,267 residents had a Medigap plan
  • 32.9 percent of Medicare enrollees had Medigap coverage
  • Plan F was the most popular (119,380 beneficiaries) followed by Plan N



The five largest counties in Connecticut are:
  • Fairfield (944,177)
  • Hartford (892,389)
  • New Haven (856,875)
  • New London (269,801)
  • Litchfield (182,571)

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How Are Rates Calculated for Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut?


There are three ways insurance providers price Medicare Supplemental plans:

  • Community rates

All beneficiaries are charged the same rate.

  • Age-attained rates

Premiums increase as the beneficiary ages.

  • Issue-age rates

Premiums are based on the age of the beneficiary when the Medigap policy is bought; the premium cannot increase due to your age, but it can increase due to inflation or other factors.



Medicare Advantage Plans


In Connecticut, Medigap plans are accessible on a guaranteed issue basis; rates cannot be based on gender, age, or health condition.

How Many Medicare Supplement Plans Are Available in Connecticut?

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019There are 10 standard Medicare Supplement plans available, A through N. Plan A offers basic benefits; the other Medigap plans offer one or more extra benefits. Plan F features the most comprehensive set of benefits.

Each plan letter offers the same benefits regardless of the insurance company issuing the policy. For example, if you are looking at Plan G, the benefits for Plan G are the same for all carriers.

If an insurance company offers Medicare Supplement plans, it must offer Plan A; the insurance company may or may not choose to provide the other nine plans. In Connecticut, most insurance carriers offering Medigap plans offer plans F, G, and N.

How Does A Medicare Supplement Plan Cover Prescription Drugs?

None of the Medicare Supplement plans in Connecticut include drug coverage. When you enroll in Original Medicare and choose a Medigap policy, you can also sign up for a separate Part D Medicare prescription drug plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut: When Can I Enroll?

To be eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan in Connecticut, you have to be a Connecticut resident and be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. Because Connecticut has a guaranteed issue policy for Medicare Supplement plans, there is no Medigap open enrollment period requirement; seniors can enroll in a Medigap plan at any time. Beneficiaries can also change Medigap policies at any time.

Although Connecticut eliminates the initial enrollment period requirement, pre-existing condition limitations might apply. Insurance carriers might not cover a pre-existing condition for up to six months if there has been a lapse in coverage or if the beneficiary did not have creditable prior coverage. Creditable coverage includes the following:

  • Medicaid
  • Group health plan
  • Other health coverage
  • State health benefits risk pool
  • Health plan for federal employees
  • Public health plan
  • Health plan through the Indian Health Service or tribal organization
  • Medical plan under the Peace Corps Act
  • Medicare Advantage, Medicare Select, or Medicare Supplement insurance

Can I Use My Medicare Supplement Plan from Connecticut Other States?

You can use your Connecticut Medigap plan anywhere in the country as long as the doctor or health care provider accepts Medicare. Beneficiaries are not restricted to a preferred provider network and do not have to meet any referral requirements.

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